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Merry Christmas from me and Jack.

Jack, an agouti and white husky-type dog is sitting in front of Santa Claus, who is in a big green armchair in front of a Christmas tree.

Assistance Dog Blog Carnival #6

I am lucky enough to be hosting the 6th Assistance Dog Blog Carnival here on Dogstar Academy!

Topic for ADBC #6 is Obstacles :D

Some ideas to think about for this topic:

  • What obstacles have you overcome in your partnership- or quest for- a service dog?
  • What’s the greatest obstacle that people put in the way of you and your service dog?
  • What kind of challenges do you face with your service dog, SDIT, or puppy in training?

If you write a post you’d like included, please send me the link via email ( or comment here. :) (I *think* I have disabled captcha, but I think I still have comments moderated for spam control)

More info about teh ADBC is available here

While it’s not required, I’d appreciate a link back from any post you submit to this page- the tag backs make my life easier! :)

To submit your post for the Carnival please comment on this post with the following information:

  1. The name of your blog (e.g., Dogstar Academy)
  2. The title of your Carnival post (e.g., “Fish Distractions”)
  3. The link (URL) to your Carnival post (e.g.,

Sometimes comments hit the spam filter – I *think* I have captcha disabled, though. :) If you have any problems with it, please email me at and I will make sure your comment goes through!

The ‘deadline’ for the carnival is 1/29/2012 – if you will be late, please email me and let me know your post is in progress, and I’ll add it as soon as it’s live. The carnival will be going up on the 31st. – sorry, I left this part off by accident.