ADBC #6 – Obstacles!

I am SO sorry this thing is going up so late -my grandmother passed away on January 23rd and helping deal with all of that, including geting the house packed upf or sale and my grandfather ready to move has really killed my energy level and ability to write.

I’m going to try and add to this post with more commentary, but right now, I’m doing pretty well just to have managed sitting down in front of the computer and NOT gotten pulled away by a phone call. The only thing I’ve gotten done this month is sewing, because I can do that in the car while Mom drives to and from Waco.


Literal Obstacles

Allison talks about how an ouchy encounter with a literal obstacle has impacted her relationship with her guide dog, Gilbert, here at Gilbert And Me.

Ever brilliant L^2 wrote Many Different Obstacles about the daily tasks her dog helps her with  at her blog.

Puppyraiser Patti at Plays With Puppies talks about puppyraising successfully where the environment is very different than the ones where her pups will work and live as future guide dogs.

Health Obstacles

Karyn at Through a Guide’s Eyes wrote about her young guide Thane’s struggle with Lyme disease in  The Lessons Learned through the Many Obstacles with Thane


Metaphorical Obstacles

Carin at the Vomit Comit talks about the Guide Dog Obstacle Course at GDB and the process of deciding to get a guide dog.

Sharon posted a Waspish Wednesday post for this blog carnival- I love those of hers- about overcoming her own self as the biggest obstacle she faces as an owner trainer.

Cindy Otty posted a really great post that I accidentally left out the first time I hit publish on this, about her guide dog’s Uschi’s greatest ‘obstacle’- herself in Cottleston Pie. (I think Uschi sounds like a blast.)


Katrin at By My Side wrote Training Tom, about teaching her guide dog partner to work as a demo dog as well because of obstacles she faces in adding a new pet/performance dog to her life right now.

Martha at believe in who you are talked about the obstacles facing her guide dog Dee in retirement, in a really insightful post. I’ve not been lucky enough to place either of my service dogs as retirees yet- Wings died very young and while we’d made plans to retire Kaylee, what we thought was an undiagnosable back injury affecting her gait ended up being a brain tumor.

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